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Mining Exempt from Lockdown: are the employees and communities safe? – Case of Zimbabwe

  By Simiso Mlevu, from CNRG website As COVID-19 spreads around the world, governments are responding by putting in place measures aimed at curbing the novel virus. In Zimbabwe, President [ … ]

[August 2020] No to Corporate Capture! Yes to the Right to Say No!

Coinciding with the 40th SADC Summit and as part of the SAPSN People’s Summit (19-20 August 2020), the People’s Dialogue organised a series of regional meetings together with Southern Africa [ … ]

Poster of the Webinar "Right to Say No: Learning from Global Struggles"
[April 2020] Covid19 in the Age of Extractivism and the Care Economy

The People’s Dialogue has started to host a number of webinars to take forward our approach and perspective that the coronavirus is both a symptom and factor of the intensifying [ … ]