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Mining Exempt from Lockdown: are the employees and communities safe? – Case of Zimbabwe

  By Simiso Mlevu, from CNRG website As COVID-19 spreads around the world, governments are responding by putting in place measures aimed at curbing the novel virus. In Zimbabwe, President [ … ]

The New Politics Research Agenda Workshop Report

On 13-14 February 2016, a group of researchers and activists from fifteen countries met in Amsterdam. The aim was to jointly draft the research agenda of the New Politics Project, [ … ]

Africa and Latin America People’s Dialogue: an experience in progress to build political and intercultural dialogue (Executive Summary) 

Prepared by Gerardo Cerdas Vega in June 2010, this text summarizes a longer document with the same title. Its goal is to present the main political elements identified in the [ … ]

[November 2020] Right to Say No: Africa Teach – In

The Africa Teach – In  on the Right to Say No to Mining is taking place on Monday 30 November, this time learning from struggles in South Africa and Madagascar. [ … ]

RIght to Say No, Latin America Webinar
Webinar on the Right to Say NO: European Struggles and Successes
[August 2020] No to Corporate Capture! Yes to the Right to Say No!

Coinciding with the 40th SADC Summit and as part of the SAPSN People’s Summit (19-20 August 2020), the People’s Dialogue organised a series of regional meetings together with Southern Africa [ … ]

Poster of the Webinar "Right to Say No: Learning from Global Struggles"
[April 2020] Covid19 in the Age of Extractivism and the Care Economy

The People’s Dialogue has started to host a number of webinars to take forward our approach and perspective that the coronavirus is both a symptom and factor of the intensifying [ … ]

Assembly on Extractives at the Peoples Autonomous Space (Marrakech, 2016)

“Capitalism is an extractivist model therefore we speak about an extractive economy.” Activist from Portugal in the Campaign against Fracking The Assembly on Extractives was organised in the People’s Autonomous [ … ]