Mining Exempt from Lockdown: are the employees and communities safe? – Case of Zimbabwe

  By Simiso Mlevu, from CNRG website As COVID-19 spreads around the world, governments are responding by putting in place measures aimed at curbing the novel virus. In Zimbabwe, President [ … ]

Thematic Social Forum on Mining and Extractivist Economy: an outstanding success that builds a platform for continuity

Peoples Dialogue In the face of an intensifying assault on nature, the relentless drive to displace people from their lands for mining and other extractivist projects as well as the [ … ]

People’s Dialogue Webinar Series on the COVID19 pandemic

People’s Dialogue is inviting for a series of webinar conferences: COVID-19 in the Age of Extractivism and Climate Change – Voices from the South (April 22) COVID-19 in the Age [ … ]