2019 SAPSN Summit – a brief report

The 2019 Southern African People's Solidarity Network Summit (Dar es Salam, Tanzania, 13-17 August 2019) was attended by delegates from Southern African Region. Themed Rebuilding People’s Movements within Southern Africa’s Climate, Political and Socioeconomic Emergencies Towards Radical Democratic Alternatives and a Just Transition, the issues discussed were practical and focused on shared experiences from delegates from the different countries on the following areas:

  1. Democracy, Governance and Human Rights
  2. Youth Empowerment and Participation
  3. Economic Justice
  4. Climate Change, Environmental Justice & Natural Resources Governance
  5. Women Empowerment and Gender Justice

The program included:

  1. self-organized events in different smaller groups on 13-14 Aug 2019
  2. People’s Summit Conference on 15-16 August 2019
  3. a Solidarity Day on 17 August 2019

The SAPSN Summit presented a Memorandum (problems facing the region on the 5 areas mentioned above) to the Heads of states gathered for the SADC Conference.

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