Peoples Dialogue (PD) is an initiative at Southern Africa-Latin America level, that aims to contribute to the development and construction of a methodology that facilitates the dialogue between organizations and movements in the global South. In our view, the obstacles to dialogue, solidarity and collective action are not only undermined by physical geography, but also by centuries and decades of colonialism, imperialism and globalization. Questions of language, culture, history, geopolitics, colonialism, and resources have created deep schisms between peoples and movements. There are many international and global networks, coalitions and movements, but often lack the time and space to learn about each other and learn from each other in order to deal with the impact of neoliberal globalization. Through the creation of exchange spaces, participatory methodologies and dialogues, activists and movements could learn from experiences of struggle and resistance.


People’s Dialogue supports organizations and communities in the Global South expropriated and environmentally affected by the extractive model of accumulation, stimulating debates on alternatives, incorporating aspects related to the experiences and struggles of these organizations and communities, as well as ethnic, cultural, political and gender diversity.


In its 12 years of existence a rich and varied experience has been built. The origins of the Peoples Dialogue have their roots in the processes of the WSF and its approach to creating spaces for the reconstruction of hope and emancipatory politics.


Coordination and Structure


PD is an open structure where movements and social partners participate depending on the theme, process or activity.


There is a reference group that develops plans, programs and strategic direction – members come from Latin America and Southern Africa. This is a voluntary process. The current group is made up of social movements, women’s organizations, peasant unions, NGOs, research groups, smallholder networks.


PD management and day-to-day operations are done by a secretariat. Currently the secretariat is composed of TCOE (Trust for Community Outreach and Education) and AIDC (Alternative Information & Development Center) in South Africa and SINFRAJUPE (Interfranciscan Service of Justice, Peace and Ecology) and SEFRAS (Serviço Franciscano de Solidariedade) in Brazil.



Logo of the People's Dialogue