Africa and Latin America People’s Dialogue: an experience in progress to build political and intercultural dialogue (Executive Summary) 

Prepared by Gerardo Cerdas Vega in June 2010, this text summarizes a longer document with the same title. Its goal is to present the main political elements identified in the People’s Dialogue (PD) process regarding both the actors who participate in it and the overall framework of social struggles in which the dialogue takes place. The original document is only available in Portuguese; this an abridged version that emphasizes the main topics developed during the Dialogue meetings from 2008 until 2010.

The identification of these issues came after reading the reports from each of the events of the People’s Dialogue in both continents, as well as the reports of the Reference Groups meetings. All of them served as the basis for identifying the key issues within the debate.

Find the full text here.

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