Category: Search for New Politics

The New Politics Project has been conceived as a decentralised think tank on counter-hegemonic politics that supports the joint production of ideas.

Re-imagining Solidarity and Hope

Re-imagining Solidarity and Hope is the title of our 2018-2020 project. The starting point is the need to find strategies and methodologies for dialogue that transcend geopolitical boundaries, including different [ … ]

Extractivism is beyond mining

“Cry of poor and the cry of earth is one cry” This briefing note was developed after an exciting workshop/ seminar (March 2017) that brought together activists, movements, scholars and [ … ]

The Earth System in Crisis

The earth system in crisis We are currently in a situation of rapidly worsening planetary emergency, with climate change deteriorating and ecological boundaries exceeding thresholds. While the COP22 was being [ … ]

Operation Hakudzokwi Commemoration

Background Operation Hakudzokwi Commemoration was held on the 10th of November in Mukwada ward, home to over 6000 people. The purpose of the commemoration is to honor and remember the [ … ]

Extractivism: The crisis of civilisation

Extractivism is a violent, disruptive form of accumulation – it has destroyed previous modes of production with millions of people being deprived of land, water and their modes of subsistence. [ … ]

Women say NO to violent extractives and pesticides

In February, during the Alternative Mining Indaba, the People’s Dialogue and WoMin organised a public meeting where rural women spoke out about the condition that they live and work under. [ … ]

Searching for New Left Perspectives and Strategies

Crisis of Politics and the Politics of Crisis New Politics Conference on the “Crisis of Politics and the Politics of Crisis” was a compelling international conference where 60 activists from around [ … ]