Covid19 in the Age of Extractivism and the Care Economy

The People’s Dialogue has started to host a number of webinars to take forward our approach and perspective that the coronavirus is both a symptom and factor of the intensifying crisis of civilization. It is exposing all the pre-existing fault lines of the global capitalist system, not least the interrelated and increasingly interacting spheres of the climate emergency and ecological breakdown with the crisis ridden global economy.  On April 22, 2020, we hosted our first webinar which focused on “COVID-19 in the Age of Extractivism & Climate Change”. 

Our second webinar, on April 29, reflected on “COVID-19 in the Age of Extractivism and the Care Economy – Voices from the South“. The focus was to raise some of the hidden themes particularly by examining the crisis through a feminist lens, examining the impact and implications for social reproduction, the specific impact on women in the care economy, impact on women in the informal sector and the role women play in the health system. 

The first speaker was Gina Vargas, from Articulación Feminista MarcoSur, the second speaker was Shalmali Guttal from Focus on the South, and the moderator was Mercia Andrews from the South African Rural Women’s Assembly

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