Extractivism is beyond mining

“Cry of poor and the cry of earth is one cry”

This briefing note was developed after an exciting workshop/ seminar (March 2017) that brought together activists, movements, scholars and NGOs that the People’s Dialogue work with in Southern Africa and Latin America - the PD brings together activists from the two continents as whatever happens in one affects the other. In this occasion, we looked at extractivism as a mode of capital accumulation – how it is affecting us now and how to try to re-think our future.

This document is a discussion document and there its intention to stimulate debate, discussion and dialogue. Its intention is not to be seen as a conclusive document, rather it is a contribution.

The document attempts to cover the following aspects:

  • Extractivism as a mode of accumulation – capitalism, patriarchy and imperialism;

  • Extractivism, the deepening ecological crisis and its impact on territory, body and nature;

  • Extractivism: society and nature

  • Extractivism in the context of the deepening global crisis;

  • From resistance to alternatives: challenges facing our movements in our respective contexts

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