[August 2020] No to Corporate Capture! Yes to the Right to Say No!

Poster with the tittle No to Corporate Capture! Yes to the Right to Say No! Announcing a series of discussions at the SAPSN Peoples Summit (19-20 August 2020)

Coinciding with the 40th SADC Summit and as part of the SAPSN People's Summit (19-20 August 2020), the People's Dialogue organised a series of regional meetings together with Southern Africa Rural Women's Assembly, The Southern African Campaign To Dismantle Corporate Power, WoMin Alliance | African Women Unite Against Destructive Extractivism and La Via Campesina Southern and Eastern Africa.

Disaster Capitalism – the case of the oil spill

"History is a chronicle of “shocks” — the shocks of wars, natural disasters, and economic crises — and their aftermath. This aftermath is characterized by “disaster capitalism,” calculated, free-market “solutions” to crises that exploit and exacerbate existing inequalities.” Naomi Klein

The MV Wakashio struck a coral reef on July 25, spilling about 1,000 tonnes of fuel oil and endangering corals, fish, and other marine life in what some scientists have called the country's worst ecological disaster. The discussion focused on the latest ‘shock' to hit the people of the Southern African region.

Activists from Rezistans ek Alternative provided an on-site and up to date view of the situation. Focusing on the Blue Economy, Desmond D'Sa added context by informing us how the oceans have become the latest site of extractives and the threats it poses, while Patrick Bond closed the session by placing this disaster in the broader ecological crisis of disaster capitalism.

Towards a UN Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights

Hosted by the Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power.

No to the Corporate Capture of Agriculture

A Webinar hosted by the Southern Africa Rural Women's Assembly at the 2020 SAPSN SADC People's Summit on opposition to the corporate capture of agriculture - with the Southern African Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power.

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