[September 2020] Webinar on the Right to Say No: European Struggles and Successes

Webinar on the Right to Say NO: European Struggles and Successes

Europe faces a massive increase in mining in the years to come, as the EU and national governments seek to repatriate mining operations and secure domestic supplies of ‘critical’ minerals for renewable energy, industrial and military transitions.

Communities in Iberia, Scandinavia, Ireland and the Balkans are already feeling the pressure of mining expansion. Their efforts to defend lands, waters and beloved places from mining destruction are spreading across the continent.

In this volatile context, this webinar addressed two key questions:

· How are European communities already asserting their ‘Right to Say No’ from the grassroots?
· How can the Right to Say No be materially advanced in Europe, as a strategy to redress the imbalance of power between communities and corporations and states?

We explored these questions with speakers from Finland, Romania and Spain who have extensive experience of struggle and success in asserting the Right to Say No. We also discussed how European communities can stand in solidarity with allies resisting mining and advancing the Right to Say No in the Global South.


Tero Mustonen. Selkie, Finland. More info
Roxana Pencea Bradatan. Rosia Montana, Romania. More info 
Sonia Hurtado, Salvemos La Montaña Campaign, Spain
Richard Solly, London Mining Network, UK. More info


This webinar is part of a global series exploring the Right to Say No, organised by members of the Thematic Social Forum on Mining, a network of networks.

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