Mutare - Visit to Marenge hosted by CNRGBoth Latin America and Africa there has been ongoing resistance against corporate plunder and extractives globally. Many struggles such as the pipeline struggle in Canada, the resistance to mining in the villages and communities in Latin America, throughout Africa, Germany and India, etc. highlight the determination of local movements to resist.

Small-scale producers (fishers, farmers and miners) are all criminalised. There is a need for subversive regional economies around regional production, built, organised and lead by the communities affected. They must be built around peoples’ movements. Artisanal miners’ in Africa are already re-establishing networks of trade that existed before colonialism.

There is a need to link and build across different sectors, collaborate in common fights and create spaces for dialogue and overcome this “us” and “them” gap.

Extractivism is beyond mining

“Cry of poor and the cry of earth is one cry” This briefing note was developed after an exciting workshop/ seminar (March 2017) that brought together activists, movements, scholars and [ … ]

Final Declaration of the World Social Forum Extractives Assembly (Tunis, 2013)

The following declaration is the result of the World Social Forum Extractives Assembly (Tunis, 2013). We, organisations assembled here, bear witness to a global extractivist boom that is leading to [ … ]